Film at Nova Day 2

  • Nova

Spread over four days, Moussem and Nova offer a panorama of the work of contemporary Senegalese filmmakers and directors from the Senegalese diaspora. We present autonomously realised work which expresses a great strength and creativity, and a great thirst for artistic freedom.

19:00 Un transport en commun (Saint-Louis Blues) + Deweneti

Un transport en commun (Saint-Louis Blues)
Dyana Gaye, 2009, FR-SN, DCP, OV SUB FR & ENG, 48’
followed by a talk with Dyana Gaye

Un transport en commun is an exciting musical alternating between dialogues, duets, songs and ballets with a host of very different characters on their way to Saint-Louis. But leaving Dakar is a real obstacle course... Lively and playful, funny and tender, a real gem.

Dyana Gaye, 2006, FR-SN, DCP, OV SUB FR & ENG, 15’
Six-year-old Ousmane earns his living by begging in the centre of Dakar. He resolves to write a letter to Father Christmas. This internationally awarded short film is a powerful fable about growing up in poverty.

21:00 La maison bleue + The School of Mutants
followed by a talk with Hamedine Kane

La maison bleue
Hamedine Kane, 2020, BE,DCP, OV SUB FR & ENG, 55’

The Blue House is an intimate portrait of Alpha, a charismatic artist who, after ten years of wandering, finds himself stranded in the jungle of Calais. There he transforms his self-built hut into a living work of art. Amid the chaos and political violence, Alpha and director Hamedine Kane share stories about their homeland and create a shared space for poetic expression and resistance.

The School of Mutants
Hamedine Kane & Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro, 2019, BE,DCP, OV SUB FR & ENG, 12’
On a split screen where images of a savage or ruined world enter into dialogue, two voices confront each other. Are the ruins a sign of disaster or of other possibilities?