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On February 20, before the performance, there will be an introductory programme (in English 1PM) about the l'Ecole des Sables the dance school founded by Germaine Acogny. After the performance there is a Q&A with Germaine Acogny and Alesandra Seutin (l'Ecole des Sables).

Performance in french, surtitled in english

"The 74-year-old 'mother of contemporary African dance' hits you full in the diaphragm with her overwhelming solo, pierces your heart and excites your nerves." - Theaterkrant

"An elegantly intense autobiographical solo" - New York Times

Through dance, stories and the projection of photos and film, the Senegalese dancer and choreographer Germaine Acogny evokes both the history of her family and that of West Africa in this committed autobiographical solo. The performancequestions the place of women, the friction between tradition and emancipation and how identity is more of a path than an end point.
Germaine Acogny, considered the founder of contemporary African dance, has been creating performances with her company Jant-Bi since 1998. She founded the renowned dance school Ecole des Sables in Toubab Dialaw, which became an important international centre for contemporary dance.

choreography and performance Germaine Acogny
direction Mikaël Serre
assistent choregrapher Patrick Acogny
decor Maciej Fiszer
costumes Johanna Diakhate-Rittmeyer
video Sébastien Dupouey
music, composition & execution Fabrice Bouillon « LaForest»
lightdesign Sébastien Michaud
technique Marco Wehrspann
texts Togoun Servais Acogny, Aloopho, Germaine Acogny, Euripides (Medea), Mikaël Serre
production JANT-BI
coproduction Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg / Théâtre de la Ville, Paris / Institut Français, Paris