Soly Cissé – Hamedine Kane

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Soly Cissé – Hamedine Kane
De Markten
3 – 27 february – Tuesday > Sunday 12:00 > 18:00 - free entrance
Vernissage 03.02 – 18:00 > 21:00

SOLY Cissé
Solygraphie ou l’écriture de l’âme

In his drawings, sculptures and neo-expressionist paintings, Soly Cissé explores the relationship between tradition and modernity, man and nature, the spiritual and the profane. His compositions, characterised by thick brushstrokes and intense colour palettes, reveal a fantastic, disquieting universe in which human figures, animals and hybrid creatures evolve.
Cissé uses a complex visual language to reveal how globalisation and modernisation have eroded traditional values and ways of life. The artist grew up during a period of transition and social and political unrest, and sees his work as a form of social activism.
Soly Cissé lives and works in Dakar and has exhibited in New York, Paris, London, Cologne, Cape Town and Tokyo. This exhibition in collaboration with BLAACKBOX offers the opportunity to discover new work by his hand.

Hamedine Kane

Visual artist and director Hamedine Kane lives and works between Dakar and Brussels. In his practice, he seeks out national borders as places of passage and transformation, as a central element in the conception of an itinerant identity. Hamedine's films and visual work have been shown in London, Dakar, Paris, Mumbai, Taipei, Casablanca, Oslo, Lubumbashi and Brussels. In addition to this exhibition, you can discover his films in the Cinéma Nova programme.

Exils et devenir
Hamedine Kane

Hamedine Kane visualises ideas of exile, wandering and being on the move. The intimate videos make migrants visible and audible, and show how they take their place in the world. The artist stimulates encounters, hospitality and understanding by taking a poetic look at their resilience. By focusing on human feelings, animosities, desires, loves and conflicts that characterise relationships, Kane proposes exchanging political time for living time.

The School of Mutants
Hamedine Kane & Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro

The School of Mutants is a collaborative art and research platform, started in Dakar in 2018 by Hamedine Kane & Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro. The starting point is an investigation into the role of educational institutions and academic utopias in post-independent nation-building processes in Senegal and West Africa. The School of Mutants develops as a nomadic project that seeks to activate spaces for the production, transmission and pluralisation of knowledge in a non-hierarchical manner, in conjunction with socio-cultural, ecological and aesthetic mutations of the real.
The installation in the form of archives, sculptures, textile and audio installations and a video triptych between documentary and futuristic speculation, puts the forgotten, ephemeral pedagogical experiences and their contribution to contemporary reflections on education under tension.

Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro is an artist, ecologist, and curator. His practice develops collective situations of education and action rooted in mutating places. His work takes the form of assemblies, public art, and multimedia installations.